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Welcome Staff and Faculty

University of Utah

Professional Development

Mentorship, Leadership, and Personal Development Opportunities 

      Utah Health Equity Leadership & Mentoring (U-HELM)


Conference Application Sponsorship Opportunities

The Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine Office of Academic Culture and Community will sponsor faculty members to different AAMC conferences for professional development. We will sponsor the cost of registration fee, and we ask the department to support selected faculty in their travel related expenses and ensuring they have protected time to attend free of clinical duties and other responsibilities. We look forward to partnering with departments to support our faculty. 


Office of Faculty - Faculty Development

The Office of Faculty provides various programs and professional development opportunities for faculty. They serve as a central resource for the Health Sciences by providing guidance, resources, and training to enhance the success of individual faculty, including dependent care stipends, leadership trainings and hosting Women's Leadership Day, coaching, and more. 


Resiliency Center

The Resiliency Center is designed to foster wellness and resilience for all employees within University of Utah Health. The Resiliency Center serves as a hub for coordinating and expanding innovative programming while also housing resources essential to professional fulfillment. We aim to promote personal resilience, reduce individual burden and create an optimal work environment.

  • Our vision: Faculty and staff passionate about and energized by work.
  • Our mission: Promote faculty and staff wellness through advocacy, collaboration and innovative programming focused on individual and system resilience.

Occupational Trauma and Grief Support Group

4pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, on Microsoft Teams

Hosted by the School of Medicine's Pediatrics department, each meeting we will take a moment to honor patients who have died in the preceding 2 weeks, and then will be an open forum to discuss a predetermined topic (or whatever people are struggling with at the time). Medical providers of all levels are invited and encouraged to attend.
Please remember you do not have to speak to participate; you can come and listen and learn from others.
Meeting ID: 248 296 275 362
Passcode: UGisTg

Event Contact Name: Erin Fuchs


Humanitas MD Scholarship Fund

The Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine's Humanitas MD Scholars provides scholarships to students committed to providing medical care to medically underserved communities. Doctors who reflect Utah's demographics are critical for a healthy, thriving community. Scholarship support gives students more opportunities to study and practice in Utah. Let's keep our best and brightest in Utah! Many qualified applicants from all backgrounds choose to go elsewhere due to scholarship support.

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