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Welcome to the Office of Academic Culture and Community's new page curated by medical students for medical students. On this page you will find links to information, various resources for you, points of contact, and topics of interest requested by your student colleagues. We hope you visit often and offer suggestions for resources please send an email to the address provided


Student Interest Group Funding

University of Utah student members of a Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine student interest group can apply for funding to help offset costs of attending a conference, completing a community project/activity, or hosting a campus event. The funding can be used to support any project, program, initiative, activity, or event that fosters a welcoming and respectful environment, promotes and embraces accessibility and safety, and improves the overall climate of Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine at the University of Utah 

The Office of Academic Culture and Community requires that funding proposals be made no less than one-month in advance before funding is needed. While the one-month lead time is internal, please be mindful of any other internal timelines of your sponsoring organization and the time that you will need to process things such as travel, set up contacts for services, etc. Medical school interest groups are eligible for funding based on fund availability per fiscal year.

Should your request be funded, you will be required to submit an evaluation of your program, initiative, activity, or event within 30 days. If funds are provided to support professional development, the attendee (s) will be asked to provide an overview of the experience (and/or give a talk if applicable).

Please direct any questions to Lia Bermudez at

Request funds here: Student Interest Group Funding Request Form

Student Interest Group Funding

Interested in joining a student interest group (SIG)? Visit our "Resources" section to see just a handful of the incredible SIGs that exist on campus. Visit this link here to see a full directory of all available SIGs.

Resource Suggestions

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