OBST 7030 Externship in Perinatal Medicine (4 weeks)

The goal of this elective is to familiarize the student with the field of perinatal medicine (high risk obstetrics). This is primarily an outpatient experience based in the Maternal Fetal Diagnostic Center. Students will spend time in two main areas:

  1. Perinatology clinic, working 1 on 1 with certified nurse midwives and attending perinatologists
  2. Ultrasound, working with obstetric sonographers and attending physicians who read the ultrasounds, to gain experience with basic ultrasound techniques and visualization of both normal and abnormal fetal ultrasounds.

The distribution of time in each area can be individualized to fit each student's learning needs and interests. Students may also take some call shifts on labor and delivery if so desired and will attend the department of Ob/Gyn's Thursday afternoon didactic sessions.

OBST 7040 Gynecologic Oncology Sub internship (4 weeks)

This elective was designed to familiarize the student with the epidemiology, natural history, and management of female pelvic tumors. The management phase will entail diagnostic techniques, laboratory tests, various treatment modalities, and follow-up procedures. Additionally, the student will be exposed to and involved in all radical surgery that presents during this rotation.

If the student so desires, opportunities for clinical and basic science research are available, but should not be considered mandatory. Upon completion of the rotation the student should have gained an excellent basic knowledge in management of gynecologic cancers as well as complicated benign gynecologic problems.

OBST 7050 OB/GYN Sub-internship (4 weeks)

This elective accepts two students per block at the University Hospital and Intermountain Medical Center (one seat available at each location). The student works closely with the resident team, particularly the second-year resident. The experience in patient evaluation and management approaches the first-year resident level (Intern level) and is primarily involved with the care of inpatient labor and delivery patients.

OBST 7110 Women’s Health Elective (2 weeks)

Objective: To provide an elective for students to explore areas of women's health in which they either have a particular interest or that have not been included in prior rotations.

Exposure to topics in women's health will be the focus, not comprehensive training. Students will formulate a schedule with the program coordinator based on the following options:

  • Contraception,
  • Abortion,
  • STI's,
  • Vulvovaginitis,
  • Menopause,
  • Infertility,
  • Breast disease,
  • Rape recovery, and
  • Other areas of individual interest.

Students will be provided with the ACOG Compendium for reading assignments. Students will meet with the faculty advisor at the start and completion of the rotation to discuss goals, schedules, and reading for the rotation.


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