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Pediatrics -Primary Children's

Pediatrics -Primary Children's Hospital Research Group

The Pediatric Orthopaedics team is dedicated to relieving pain, improving function, and collaborating to develop innovative strategies for managing orthopaedic issues in younger patients.

At Primary Children’s Medical Center, the pediatric care team practices under the leadership of Professors Dr. John T. Smith, Dr. Peter M. Stevens, Dr. R. Lor Randall, Dr. Stephen K. Aoki, Dr. Alan K. Stotts, Dr. Kevin B. Jones, Dr. Travis G. Maak, Dr. Stephanie M. Holmes, Dr. Theresa A. Hennessey, Dr. Marcella R. Woiczik and Dr. John A. Heflin.

This interdisciplinary group of clinicians works directly with researchers, staff, and volunteers to explore novel innovations in the management of pediatric spine disorders, cost effective care, outcome analysis in orthopaedic surgery, and minimally invasive techniques.