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The Shoulder/Elbow team functions under the leadership of Professor Dr. Robert Z. Tashjian, with extensive collaboration from sports, trauma, and hand team members. Dr. Tashjian’s particular research interests include investigating functional and radiographic outcomes of acute and chronic shoulder and elbow conditions, and developing methods for meaningful reporting of patient reported outcomes in the shoulder/elbow population.

Our Team

Among his collaborators, Dr. Tashjian has worked extensively with Heath Henninger, PhD, on research focused on shoulder and elbow kinematics. Dr. Tashjian has also completed extensive work on genetic factors related to rotator cuff tendon disease, in close collaboration with Lisa Cannon-Albright, PhD, and Craig Terrlink, PhD. Together, this research team published the first attempt to identify genetic factors influencing rotator cuff tearing by genome wide association study. Dr. Tashjian and his collaborators in Genetic Epidemiology are committed to uncovering any genetic based solutions to prevent tendon tears and promote tendon healing for future generations.

Improving lives

Dr. Chalmers works with Dr. Tashjian on the Shoulder and Elbow team. Dr. Chalmers research is focused upon improving the lives of those with shoulder and elbow problems with particular interests in improving shoulder replacement, improving the care of rotator cuff tears, and prevention and treatment of baseball-related shoulder and elbow injuries.