3rd Annual Sports Medicine Symposium: The Weekend Warrior


Friday, February 22, 2019  1-5pm
Saturday, February 23, 2019  7-10am & 3-6pm


As the aging population continues to increase, the body of knowledge regarding the importance of physical activity and exercise in maintaining health, happiness, and quality of life in this population also continues to increase.  There is strong evidence to suggest that exercise at any age can minimize the burden of chronic disease, enhance mood, control weight, and improve overall daily function.  And while exercise is strongly recommended, the physiologic changes that occur as a normal response to aging in this population places them at high risk for injury.  This year’s conference will focus on how to keep adults of all ages active even in light of the normal physiologic changes that occur as part of the aging process. 

The conference is sponsored by University of Utah Health in collaboration with the United States Olympic Committee, committed to providing high level care for athletes at all levels.

Conference Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify individuals who may be at risk for cardiovascular disease and implement appropriate pre-exercise screening tools and testing if necessary
  • Discuss the evidence behind the management of degenerative meniscus tears
  • Identify and correctly treat individuals with low bone mass
  • Recognize the pathophysiologic alterations that occur in musculoskeletal tissues as a normal response to aging
  • Establish a model for assessing nutritional status and recommending nutritional interventions in older athletes
  • Understand the implications of degenerative spine conditions as it relates to exercise
  • Describe the prevalence, treatment, and prevention strategies for common degenerative conditions in the shoulder
  • Identify current concepts in treating elbow epicondylitis

Conference Chair:

Joy English, MD


Hyatt Place Park City


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