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The Interventional Spine & Musculoskeletal Medicine Fellowship Program was established in 2019. 


Aaron Conger, DO

University of Utah


Taylor Burnham, DO

University of Utah

Adam Michalik, MD

Twin Cities Orthopedics


Colton Hickman, DO

St. Mary's-Intermountain Healthcare

“I did my fellowship at the University of Utah in 2021-2022. It was a wonderful experience that helped me develop and polish my skill sets. Coming out of fellowship, I felt extremely prepared and hit the ground running.  I really enjoyed my mentors, and I truly felt like I struck gold. I am extremely grateful to them and the fellowship program. It has paid countless dividends to my development and career.  I would definitely do the fellowship again and strongly recommend it!" 

Tyler Clark, MD

Ortho Montana

From a clinic and patient management perspective, I felt challenged all year long during fellowship. Partway through fellowship year I was ready to practice independently because of the amount of education and encouragement to be independent. Right after completing my fellowship and practicing independently, I was comfortable and confident clinically, procedurally, and administratively. I could focus on training staff and administrative personnel for an interventional practice, which was new to them. At the U I learned novel and cutting edge procedures that I was able to introduce to a new patient market in Montana. The knowledge of the faculty at the University of Utah is unparalleled, and I highly recommend training at the U!


Marc Caragea, DO


Margaret Beckwith, MD 

Confluence Health

"The ISMM Fellowship at the University of Utah is a tremendous program and your fellowship mentors are national leaders and scholars in the field. There is a deliberate, purposeful learning objective behind every procedure, every clinical encounter, every question, and every lecture that is asked of you. You have access to cutting edge technology, innovative clinical trials, and a powerful alumni network. You will graduate as a truly more knowledgeable and capable physician. And, to top it all off, Utah is a stunning outdoor mecca-hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, running, and rock climbing are everywhere you turn (and you can even find occasional ski-joring, rodeos, rockhounding, and fossil digging)!"  

Scott Miller, MD

Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance

“The training that I received during my fellowship year at the University of Utah was unmatched. Learning and working alongside national and international leaders in the field, this year allows for such growth as a physician and as a person. This, in conjunction with living in beautiful Salt Lake City, makes this a unique and unrivaled experience.”