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Radiation Oncology About Us

rad oncThe radiation oncology department is staffed by many individuals working together to provide the best care possible for their patients.

Radiation Oncologists

A radiation oncologist is a physician who specializes in treating cancer and other diseases with radiation therapy and who is responsible for planning patient care and prescribing treatment. Our radiation oncologists are dedicated to coordinating a comprehensive, diagnostic, and therapeutic plan that is created for each patient's specific needs. The strong emphasis on the development and incorporation of innovative radiation therapies, participation of patients in clinical trials, and the development of novel cancer treatment provides the patient access to therapies that are on the frontier of cancer research. 

Medical Physicists

Medical physicists are vital to treatment planning, clinical research, and training our physician residents. The medical physicist works closely with the radiation oncologist in not only developing a treatment plan but maintaining and carefully calibrating the radiation equipment. Our medical physicists spend a great deal of time researching and discovering innovative ways to use radiation in the treatment of cancer and conduct a lecture series on physics for the benefit of our residents. All of our medical physicists are board certified by the American Board of Radiology (ABR).


A medical dosimetrist is responsible for creating treatment plans to achieve the radiation oncologists desired treatment goals. Under the direction of the medical physicist, the dosimetrist uses complex treatment planning software and selects angles and doses that will deliver an optimal dose of radiation to the tumor, while sparing the surrounding healthy tissues. All of our medical dosimetrists have achieved certified medical dosimetrist (CMD) status.

Radiation Therapists

Radiation therapists work with radiation oncologists to administer the daily radiation treatment under the physician's prescription and supervision. They maintain daily records and are specially trained to operate both the linear accelerator and the image guidance equipment for treatment.

Radiation Oncology Nurses

Radiation oncology nurses are registered nurses who work closely with the radiation oncologist and other staff to coordinate patient care. Our nurses work with patients during all phases of their treatment, providing oral and written information concerning diagnosis, treatment, and self-care measures to manage potential side effects of treatment. In addition, our nurses are available for any questions or concerns that may arise regarding treatment and its side effects both during and after completion of treatment.