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Amanda Nguyen, MD

Amanda Nguyen, MD

  • About Me

    I grew up in a small town in Washington about 90 minutes from Seattle. I got tired of the rain and did my undergraduate degree at the University of San Diego, then spent a gap year working as an emergency department scribe. I attended the University of Washington for medical school, having no intention of becoming a surgeon, but I realized I loved the operating room! I was drawn to urology due to the wide variety of disease processes and procedures, the continuity of care, and the down to earth personalities in the field. 

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Pediatrics, reconstruction, general urology, medical education 

    Interests & Hobbies

    I enjoy baking cookies, New York Times crossword puzzles, shopping, reading, watching movies, hiking, long walks, and tending to my houseplants.

    Why Utah?

    I heard fantastic things about the surgical training at Utah from my urology mentors, with the program offering high case volumes and autonomy. I loved my interview day here, and even through Zoom there was a strong sense of camaraderie among residents. Salt Lake City is a great place to spend 5 years: there's easy access to the outdoors, with little traffic, and it's more affordable compared to where I've lived previously, making it a very easy place to live as a busy resident.