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Colleen McDermott

Colleen McDermott, MD, MPH

  • Medical Areas of Interest

    Trauma, Critical Care, Surgical Oncology, Transplant, Medical Education, Health Disparities, Leadership in Medicine, Health Communication, Medical Humanities

    Interests & Hobbies

    Writing- I was an undergrad writing major and I love to write and read nonfiction essays and books about medicine; I taught a narrative medicine course when I was an MS4. 
    Visual Art- I illustrated an emergency general surgery textbook in med school and a friend and I painted a 10x100' mural in New Orleans. Currently working on a series of 30 portraits in pen/sharpie and pencil
    Dance: I was on dance team in college and still love dancing at Millenium Dance Complex in downtown SLC
    Running: Utah has great trails and I've been exploring Corner Canyon this summer/fall  in a 5K trail race series
    Also love yoga, skiing, snowboarding, paddleboarding, bouldering (not very well), cooking and making people look at pictures of my cat.  

    Why Utah?

    Why I chose Utah: I thought Utah was in a very cool "sweet spot" educationally- we have a Level I trauma center, a VA, an NCCN cancer center, a free-standing peds hospital, etc but don't have to compete with fellows for cases! We get to operate early on and I also appreciate the ownership that our faculty take of their patients. My family still lives in Sandy, UT which is a huge perk and I love going on adventures outside. 


    Sandy, Utah, USA