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Dalton Hegeholz

Dalton D. Hegeholz, MD

  • About Me

    Medical School: University of Nebraska Medical Center       College of Medicine
    College / University Name: Nebraska Wesleyan University
    Major / Specialty: Biochemistry & molecular biology
    Degree: B.S.

    Career Plans: I am still doing my best to focus on learning to became a well-rounded surgeon, but I am planning on participating in research/career development during residency. I'm thrilled to be here and grateful to be in a program where the opportunities for growth and development are  virtually limitless.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Some of my interests include surgical oncology and palliative care. I have also had some incredible residents and faculty mentors, which has driven interest in medical student and resident education.

    Scholarly Activity:

    Ongoing research projects investigating crs/hipec outcomes, wound vacs, and Melanoma

    Interests & Hobbies

    I love hiking, skiing, golfing and playing pick-up basketball. I'm also a huge baseball and football fan.

    Why Utah?

    I was impressed and excited to apply after both meet-and-greets I attended before the interview season, and the interview experience itself was outstanding. Every interaction I had with residents and faculty was positive. Even through the virtual process, I felt as though the University of Utah and everyone involved did a great job showing their genuine and welcoming personalities. The program's history of commitment to quality care, resident wellness, and the ability to become a well-rounded surgeon were just a few of the many reasons why I am so excited to be here. Salt Lake City is also definitely a "hidden gem", so to be able to get off work and have so much beautiful nature in your backyard is certainly a nice perk.


    Lincoln, NE, USA