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David Bandbaz

David Bandbaz, MD

  • About Me

    Medical School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    College / University Name: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    Major / Specialty: Biology

    Degree(s): M.D. & B.S. Biological Sciences


    • M.D. attained in 2023

    • B.S. attained in 2019

    • With the help of Senator Dallas Harris, I created Senate Bill 423 which was written into Nevada law in 2023

    Career Plans: After completing my training and military service obligation I’d like to work in medical/surgical education in some capacity and continue policy and advocacy work throughout      it all. 



    Medical Areas of Interest

    trauma, critical care, burn, and health policy/legislation

    Interests & Hobbies

    Motorcycles, weight lifting, reading & writing 


    Why Utah?

    I had matched as “civilian deferred” in the Air Force match, so I began to look at the different civilian programs. Early on when researching programs for the civilian match, this program had much of what I was looking for in terms of exposure to a wide breadth of surgical fields and pathologies, career development opportunities, and a city close to home. 

    What made me very interested in attending the program, was coming to physically see the program/city for a second look that was made available to interviewees. 

    I was very impressed with how well the residents interacted with each other and how much they enjoyed living in Utah, even if they had come from much further elsewhere. 

    Also, the interest the program had in both the career development as well as the development of the operative skills of the residents was very impressive. 

    My brain and my heart told me I would be lucky to train and        live here. 


    North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA