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Erin Carter

Erin Carter, MD

  • About Me

    I consider Flagstaff, AZ to be my hometown despite moving every 4-5 years for most of my life. In my undergrad years at Rhodes College, I studied Chemistry. Before medical school, I spent several years working, singing, and traveling. I also attended Northern Arizona University and received a M.S. in Chemistry, studying computer modeling of protein folding. I then taught Chemistry at Arizona State University before starting medical school at Boston University. I continue to enjoy teaching, singing, and believing that I can keep all of these activities as part of my life.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Medical education, gender-affirming surgery, sexual medicine, reconstructive urology, but I'm still exploring!

    Interests & Hobbies

    Singing, skiing, light woodworking, various crafty things, plants/gardening, whatever else I’ve been reading about this week.

    Why Utah?

    I wanted to attend a program that would provide excellent surgical training and allow me to see all of urology across academic, private, and VA hospitals. Utah checked these boxes for me, along with being located in a beautiful, affordable city close to my family and skiing. I also value serving the large rural patient population.