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Jordan Powell Urology Resident

Jordan Powell , MD

  • About Me

    I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and like most AZ natives, I love to brag about being from one of the hottest places on Earth. I decided to venture out to Nashville, TN for college at Vanderbilt University where I studied economics. After realizing that there was very little to do with an economics degree, I set my sights on medicine. I returned to Arizona for medical school at the University of Arizona in Phoenix. After years of experience in the heat, I can say that the dry heat is in fact better than humidity.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    What drew me to urology was the wide variety of surgeries combined with a strong quality-of-life emphasis. At this point I am interested in men’s health and andrology but can also see myself combining all aspects of the field into a versatile general urology practice.

    Interests & Hobbies

    As an Arizona native, I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. I love hiking, golf, outdoor cooking, and spending time with my Fiancé and our two big dogs (a Newfoundland and Golden Retriever) whenever I can.

    Why Utah?

    I was fortunate to be able to complete a rotation here at Utah as a fourth-year medical student and had a blast. The program is incredibly strong in all areas of urology with supportive faculty and great residents. The institution is unique in that it serves a geographically massive referral area, making the training fantastic. It also happens to be in a stunning state with unparalleled access to the outdoors. Seeing the snowcapped mountains well into summer is still shocking as someone from AZ and I don’t think it will ever get old.