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Laurel Mast

Laurel Mast, MD

  • About Me

    A simple Oregon farm girl who wandered off to Maine for college. Majored in Philosophy, minored in Math, will discuss existentialism in the OR but at times can't do basic addition. Glad to be back on the west (best) coast for medical school and residency.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Rural medicine, pediatric urology, bioethics

    Interests & Hobbies

    Sleeping, camping, road trips, skiing, sleeping, hiking, cooking, eating, sleeping, various arts and crafts, Sharon's dog Ollie, sleeping

    Why Utah?

    Residency is long hours with endless toil regardless of location, so may as well do it in the place that is best for maximizing all the things that aren't residency: Utah has a great cost of living with low traffic and commute times, unequaled access to outdoor adventuring of all sorts, world class skiing 30 minutes away, an international airport 20 minutes away, and a National Forest in the U's backyard. Oh yeah and there's also great surgical training, supportive faculty, great facilities, interesting pathology, and broad exposure to all the subspecialties of urology. Plus life is just better when there's mountains outside the windows.