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Lindsey Wright Urology Resident

Lindsey Wright , MD

  • About Me

    I grew up in Utah in the suburbs near SLC. I originally wanted to be an Anthropologist, but while working at the children’s hospital here in Utah as a surgical tech I learned to love the OR. Which eventually lead to becoming a Urology resident! I love hiking in the mountains and traveling with my husband. He planned us an awesome honeymoon to Iceland, Prague and Croatia. One of our kittens is named after one of the national parks in Croatia (aka Krka).

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Pediatrics, Reconstructive Urology, and Gender-affirming Surgery. I’m keeping an open mind though!

    Interests & Hobbies

    Hiking, yoga, traveling, reading, poetry, spending time with my kittens Krka and Naboo.

    Why Utah?

    As a medical student at the University of Utah I got to see how amazing the program was. However, what really sold me was the mentorship. The attendings and residents here really invested in me, and I was beyond grateful! The other perks of Utah include family nearby and the gorgeous outdoors.