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Maks Gold

Maks Gold, MD

  • Medical Areas of Interest

    Trauma / Critical Care, Surgical Oncology, Surgical Education. Career Plans: I hope to pursue a career in academic surgery, getting to work alongside my colleagues, teaching residents and students, hoping to provide the penultimate care for our community.

    Interests & Hobbies

    Spending time in the mountains, snowboarding, backcountry touring, mountain biking, camping, bringing my dog (Ava) along on all sorts of excursions, tennis, exploring culinary and coffee cultures

    Why Utah?

    There seems to be the perfect emphasis placed upon training future leaders of academic surgery as well as training exceptionally competent rural surgeons who will be able to provide outstanding care for their communities. The interview process placed the program’s overall culture of camaraderie and care for one another, both resident and attending alike, at the forefront and as the backbone of the program. And finally, the “built-in wellness program” that can be found in the vast playground that is Utah, can’t be rivaled anywhere else.


    Louisville, Kentucky, USA