A Healed Heart Sings the Blues: "I've never been in a hospital that was so caring. Anything you need, they take care of it, no questions asked. The nursing staff and doctors are great. It's just been excellent."

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On Thursday, October 12, the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery hosted its annual Russell M. Nelson, MD, PhD Educational Endowment Lectureship of Cardiac Surgery.

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Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Welcome to the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at University of Utah Health. We are proud to represent a legacy that includes one of the first open heart operations in the country in 1956, the first implantation of the total artificial heart for destination therapy in 1981, and to our current groundbreaking approaches to innovative surgical and translational approaches for treating the failing heart.

Our mission is to provide all of our patients and their families with the highest quality and valued care through outstanding surgical results as well as comprehensive and compassionate care, to educate the next generation of thoughtful and talented cardiothoracic surgeons, and to advance the understanding and treatment of cardiac and thoracic disorders through basic, clinical, and health services research.

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Education, Recognition
Dec 01, 2017

Woman's Unexpected Diagnosis Results in Specialized Surgery at Local Hospital

Tracee Bessinger thought it was a little strange when one day she ran out of breath walking from her bedroom to her bathroom. She figured maybe she was just out of shape, but the breathlessness continued with even less exertion and fewer steps. “Maybe I’m coming down with cold,” she thought. Her doctor thought maybe she had asthma.... Read More

Dec 01, 2017

Why I Joined AWS

I have been incredibly blessed in my life. My parents have been, and continue to be amazing role models. One of my Mom’s favorite sayings was, “Always seek and surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. They will stretch your viewpoints of the world.” My dad on the other hand had colorful proverbs and parables to emphasize learning points (I continue to joke with him about writing a book entitled, ‘My Father the Philosopher’). One of his favorites, loosely translated from our local Indian language of Malayalam, was “Beware of continuing to climb up the same coconut tree behind a baboon. Your view will always remain the same.”... Read More


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