Mentoring is offered through the School of Medicine Alumni Association is for MSIII and MSIV students who feel they would benefit from a mentoring experience in addition to what they have already experienced through their education. The Alumni Association has partnered with alumni physicians in the Salt Lake City area to provide a mentoring experience.

The purpose of mentoring is to bring medical students and alumni together in a one-on-one relationship. Alumni are able to share their perspective of the practice of medicine and their specialty.

Students gain relevant knowledge that they may not learn in the academic setting and a better understanding of professional life in medicine that helps guide students as they make plans and prepare for a professional career. Students are encouraged to contact the Alumni Relations Office at (801) 581-8591 or by email to

We encourage our alumni to become a medical student mentor by completing the online form. You may also call (801) 581-8591.

Mentoring Guidelines

For Mentors

The following guidelines for mentors have been developed by the Alumni Mentor Committee to help ensure a successful mentoring partnership:

  1. Please inform your staff of your student’s name and purpose of visit. Students tell us they have trouble getting through to their mentors.
  2. Invite student to observe your practice -- in clinic, patient rounds in hospital and surgery, as appropriate to ensure a positive and supportive professional environment.
  3. When convenient, invite student out for a purely social occasion. Help them feel comfortable with you. Provide accessibility and exposure for your mentee within your own professional circle. Illustrate the importance of “networking” in your profession.
  4. Recognize and value your mentee as an individual with a private life. Make suggestions as to how to balance professional and private life.
  5. Interact often. Encourage independent behavior, but be willing to invest ample time in your mentee.
  6. Provide moral support. Encourage and demonstrate confidence in your mentee.
  7. Answer questions, especially for those students who do not feel comfortable asking the faculty. Help them solve problems. Be liberal with feedback.

For Students

The guidelines below have been developed by the Alumni Mentor/Student Committee to help students facilitate a successful mentor partnership:

  1. You are asked to make the initial contact with your mentor. Always return your mentor's phone calls.
  2. Most mentors want the student to be assertive and ask for visits and advice.
  3. You may request to observe her/his practice, clinic, patient rounds in hospital, and/or surgery, as appropriate. You may be invited to your mentor's home. Please remember you are representing the School of Medicine. Only bring a partner if invited to do so.
  4. Making contact once a month is optimal. Arrange visits as convenient between both of you. Be on time. Call ASAP should you have trouble keeping your appointment.
  5. Feel free to ask questions concerning her/his practice and how she/he balances family and professional life. You may also want to ask those questions that you do not feel comfortable in asking the faculty.
  6. Please do not ask for personal professional services.
  7. Thank your mentor for her/his time on your behalf.

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