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The Alumni Association works closely with the Office of Student Affairs to support students with programming and services throughout their education at the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine. Our goal is to serve as a connector between current students and alumni, give support to programs that enrich student's medical school experience, and inform and engage our alumni to support our students. 

Student representatives from each medical and physician assistant class are elected to serve on the Alumni Association Board. Students serve a vital role on the board where they inform the alumni association about the student experience and in turn, enriching alumni programs and services for the school.


Student-to-alumni engagement opportunities

Mentor Mixer

Mentor Mixer is a speed mentoring event where first and second year students meet with alumni for short, focused discussions on an array of topics and specialties. 

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Dinner with a Doc

The Dinner with a Doc program matches first and second-year medical students with practicing physicians and alumni hosts in the Salt Lake City area. 

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Student Awards & Recognitions

Awards are presented annually to graduating medical students and faculty. 

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Student Support

Stethoscope Fund

Help welcome a new medical student with the gift of a stethoscope, the symbol of the medical profession and commitment to providing excellent patient care and advancing health outcomes for all.


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Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund financially assists University of Utah medical students who are experiencing an acute hardship due to a significant life event or emergency.

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More Ways to Give

Explore more ways to give in support of students. 

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Have a program or idea that would support students and trainees? We want to hear about it! Contact us at or call 801-581-8591.