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Paid leave includes 15 working days of vacation and 3 days of educational leave (CME). Family leave and parental leave may be arranged as determined by department policy. Sick leave includes 8 hours every month.


The fellow has a choice of health insurance plans through the University. Premium costs are shared between University Hospital and the fellow for health coverage for the fellow and family. Group dental insurance is available for the fellow and family at a nominal charge per month. Upon hire, other benefits including group life insurance, disability insurance, malpractice insurance and retirement plans are available through the University or Community Health Centers Inc.

We offer disability insurance with own occupation clause with built-in cost of living rider. Additional options may be purchased by the house officer. Malpractice insurance is provided by the hospital for professional activities that are an approved part of the training program.

Educational Allowance/CME

Reimbursement for conference, travel, or books provided through Community Health Centers: $1,250

Tuition Reduction

Other benefits, such as reduced tuition, bookstore discount, and others are available as offered to all university employees.

Salary Level

Approximate base of $86,044

Retirement Plan Participation

Fellows have access to contributions to retirement plans through the University of Utah and/or Community Health Centers Inc.

Medical Licensing and Certifications/Professional Memberships

Professional licensing and national organization dues are covered through the Community Health Centers Inc.

**All benefits subject to verification by individual Human Resource offices at the University of Utah and Community Health Centers, Inc.**