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The core OB curriculum during residency includes seeing caring for OB patients in clinic and on inpatient rotations. Hospital care involves 10 – 12 inpatient weeks on Labor and Delivery at the University of Utah Hospital, a high volume tertiary care center, and 4 weeks at LDS Hospital, a local community hospital. Residents typically graduate with a range of 60 – 120 deliveries, with an average of 80 – 90 deliveries. The majority of deliveries are obtained while on inpatient rotations. Residents deliver on average 6 continuity patients by the end of residency.

Additional OB Opportunities throughout Residency

Teaching Opportunities

  • OB workshop for Medical Students
  • Survival Skills (intern didactics)
  • Wednesday Afternoon Teaching Session (residency didactics)
  • Grand Rounds

Operative Experience

  • Additional cesarean section experience may be arranged with back-up call ground covering LDS hospital, especially on nights and weekends


  • Residents are encouraged to use their available CME times in R2 and R3 years to attend obstetric related courses, such as the AAFP Family Centered Maternity Care Conference

FQHC Longitudinal Experience

  • All residents in their R2 and R3 years are placed at a secondary longitudinal clinical site to augment their outpatient experience.
  • Residents with a strong interest in maternity care can be placed at a FQHC Community Health Center site.
  • Residents will manage and deliver their OB patients, and provide post-partum and well child care, from this practice setting.
  • The FQQHC clinics have a primarily Spanish-speaking population. If not proficient in Spanish, a language training rotation may be pursued in R1 or early R2 year, often done as an international elective involving language immersion. (international travel rotations available pending COVID-19 travel restrictions)

Elective Rotations

  • Inpatient OB days or nights at LDS Hospital
  • CHC OB Call - work with CHC attendings during their OB call shifts, covering UU and LDS hospitals. Often 3 to 6 babies are delivered in a twelve hour shift.
  • Outpatient specialty clinic rotations at UUMC (such as high-risk OB or infertility clinic)
  • OB Ultrasound training
  • Pregnancy termination experience at Planned Parenthood

Fellowship Training (R4)

  • OB Fellowship: The University of Utah Department of Family and Preventive Medicine in partnership with the Community Health Centers offer a one-year Family Medicine Obstetrics Fellowship following completion of the residency training. Fellows gain experience in high-risk and operative OB.