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Task 2

The purpose of Task 2 is to establish a focus on the 28 federally recognized tribes in Region VIII. A task-specific Coordinating Body will work together to identify current PHEPR strengths and weaknesses and create a 5-year workplan that addresses identified needs, proposed training, and the implementation of evidence-based practices to improve capacity for PHEPR in tribal communities.


Task 2 Coordinating Body Tribal Representation

Task 2 Representation Map


Task 2 Timeline

Task 2 Timeline


Task 2 Coordinating Body Membership



National Tribe Emergency Management Council CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY
Southern Ute Indian Tribe CO
Ute Mountain Agency CO
Blackfeet Nation MT
Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes MT
Fort Peck Tribes MT
Spirit Lake Tribe ND
Rosebud Sioux Tribe of the Rosebud Indian Reservation SD
Navajo Department of Health UT
Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah UT
Sacred Circle Healthcare UT
Utah Navajo Health UT
Wind River Cares – Northern Arapaho Tribe of Fremont County WY
Northern Arapaho Tribe WY