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Task 3

Purpose of Task 3 is to establish and support the development of a regional data ecosystem that is flexible and scalable such that it can be deployed even in the face of a rapidly evolving emergency. This will be done by forming a regional Community of Practice (CoP) with relevant public health and healthcare partners in Region VIII. This task will collaborate with the CoP from Region X (Pacific Northwest led by the University of Washington) and Region IV (Southeast led by UNC Chapel Hill) to elucidate the needs, strengths, and barriers to developing a data system capable of sharing information rapidly at the regional level.


Task 3 Coordinating Body Representation

Task 3 Representation Map


Task 3 Timeline

Task 3 Timeline





Healthcare Interoperability Engineering Director CO, MT, UT
Healthcare Director of Informatics CO, MT, UT
Public Health Epidemiologist Informatics CO
Public Health State Epidemiologist CO
Public Health Emergency Response Coordinator CO
Public Health Health Officer MT
Academic Professor and Director of CPHR MT
Public Health Communicable Disease Epidemiology Section Supervisor MT
Public Health State Epidemiologist ND
Academic Associate Professor and Associate Director of CIRE ND
Public Health Director of Population Health Data Analytics and Informatics UT
Public Health Epidemiologist UT
Public Health Chief Data Officer UT
Healthcare Chief Information Officer UT
Public Health Executive Director County Health Department UT
Healthcare Wester Region Alliance for Pediatric Emergency Management – Utah Coordinator UT
Public Health Public Health Response Coordinator WY
Public Health State Epidemiologist and State Health Officer WY