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The DFPM External Peer Review Program provides department researchers the opportunity to submit their NIH proposals for peer review prior to the agency deadline. Investigators conducting research at any point in their career are eligible to participate in the program and may request a limited review (Specific Aims and Biographical Sketch) or a full review (Specific Aims, Research Strategy, Bibliography/References Cited, and Biographical Sketch). The program requires that investigators preparing a resubmission include the prior agency reviews, and summary of points and responses, with their materials. Names of potential reviewers are provided by the researcher; the department will contact reviewers and offer competitive compensation for their effort. The program cannot guarantee a match. DFPM strongly encourages that researchers also take advantage of the CCTS Peer Grant Review Program or HCI’s GMaP Expert Grant Review Program, offered each NIH cycle, to request peer review from expert UU faculty or senior researchers in an early stage applicant’s field.

To participate in the program, complete the Request for Review form below, preferably at least two months before the OSP deadline. In addition to the form, please also submit the files to be reviewed to Drs. Joseph Stanford ( and Melanie Steiner-Sherwood ( Reviewers will be expected to return feedback based on NIH review criteria one month before the OSP deadline.