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Our mission

U-POWER contributes to the movement for universal decent work by:

  1. Conducting, supporting, and amplifying research that prioritizes changing the conditions of employment and work and the factors that influence both to better support health, safety, and well-being for workers. 
  2. Undertaking outreach aimed at shifting the conversations about work away from accepting the current status quo that leads to inequities and toward a future of decent, equitable work that supports health and well-being for all.
  3. Locating, curating, and developing resources that help individuals and organizations, such as researchers, occupational safety and health professionals, public health workers, advocates, specific employers, and others who share our vision, including:
    1. Technical assistance to aid stakeholders in reviewing and interpreting scientific information related to a particular work-related issue (e.g., literature reviews, student support);
    2. educational materials, tools, and toolkits to build stakeholder capacity to make changes toward more widespread decent work;
    3. activities and events that bring people together to make connections and build power to make improvements to all work.