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During this activity, all you have to do is observe what you notice within your body as you do the exercises. Practicing being mindful of the sensations in our body allows us a chance to pause our constantly running to do list and check in with ourselves. It might be tightness, stretch, breathing faster or temperature as you exercise. It might be thoughts about how something is uncomfortable or maybe judgements that "I don't do this often enough." Try to notice judgements as they come up and practice letting these go. This activity is simply about just noticing what is happening within your-self while getting some of the benefits of exercise.


Access a countdown timer here or download a free app to your phone. Set it up so total time is 3 minutes with a count down every 30 seconds and 5 seconds between exercises.

Turn the volume up on your phone so you can hear the timer count down.

Find a spot in the room where you can stretch out and move comfortably. If you need to modify any of these activities, that’s fine, the goal is to just pay attention to your body and mind. For example, if full plank is too much, go to half plank on the knees. Don’t let your wardrobe or any judgements that arise in your mind be a barrier.


  • jumping jacks
  • squats
  • lunges
  • squats with toe raises
  • push-ups
  • plank

Reflection Questions:

  • What distractions were present? (i.e. Are other people watching me?)

  • How does your body feel?

  • Are your emotions different from 3 minutes ago?

  • Did you notice any judgements you made?

  • Any ways you can incorporate small moments of exercise into your day today?