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There are currently over 40 mentors for the Medical Student Research Program (MSRP). Faculty members wishing to participate as mentors should send the title and a brief description of available research projects to Scott Willie at Your mentoring credentials and proposed project will be vetted by an advisory panel.

Approved project descriptions will be posted on the research opportunities page, which is updated periodically with additional project descriptions.

The program will pay a stipend to the student, but funds are not available for supplies, which must be paid for by the sponsor.

Please note: The program will only fund one student per faculty member. If a faculty member chooses to mentor more than one student they will be responsible for stipend costs for the additional student.

Proposal Guidelines

Some considerations in submitting a potential research project are:

  • The proposal must be related to heart, lung and/or blood research or diabetes, kidney and obesity research or eye disease research.
  • The mentor should work with the student to develop a research plan/hypothesis using criteria described on the home page.
  • The mentor will be required to submit an NIH Biosketch with the proposal. (NIH Biosketch)
  • The mentor will attend a mentoring orientation meeting.
  • Students must present their work in a poster format a a fall symposium sponsored by the University of Utah.
  • Does the project offer a learning experience for the student? We do not want the student to be considered a 'pair of hands' doing a limited number of repetitive tasks, but want them to be exposed to different techniques and have the opportunity to generate experimental protocols.
  • Is it feasible to accomplish, or at least initiate, a body of work in the allotted time frame?

Please don’t hesitate to email or call Scott Willie at 801-585-6408 if you have any questions.

Note: All faculty must have IRB and/or IACUC approval before students can start work on any projects.

Contact Us

Janet Bassett Program Manager Email: Phone: 801-585-6408

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