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Didactic Sessions Begin @ 8:00 am Level B Ballroom 1 | Cliff Lodge, Snowbird, UT


8:00 - 8:15 am
Michael Bounajem

Multi-Center Series of 23 Patients with Ruptured Supraclinoid InternalCarotid Artery Blister Pseudoaneurysms Treated with PhosphorylcholineSurface-Modified Flow Diverters.
Michael Bounajem, MD, Salt Lake City, UT

Michael Bounajem, Evan J Joyce, Sarah Nguyen,Jonathan Scoville, Karol Budohoski, Ramesh Grandhi
8:15 - 8:20 am  Discussion
8:20 - 8:35 am 
Ethan Benardete, MD, PhD, Salt Lake City, UT

Early Surgery for Moyamoya is not Associated with Worse Outcomes:Analysis of a North American Adult Cohort.
Ethan Benardete, MD, PhD, Temple, TX

Ethan Benardete, Laura Reed, Jose Soto
8:35 - 8:40 am  Discussion
8:40 - 8:55 am
Cordell Baker

How an Artificial Intelligence Application is Changing Communication in Acute Stroke Intervention.
Cordell Baker, MD, Salt Lake City, UT

Cordell Baker
8:55 - 9:00 am  Discussion
9:00 - 9:15 am
Jonathan Scoville

The Lord of the Clot: A Historical Perspective on Posterior Circulation Mechanical Thrombectomy
Jonathan P. Scoville, MD, Salt Lake City, UT 

Jonathan Perry Scoville, Evan Joyce, Ramesh Grandhi
9:15 - 9:20 am  Discussion
9:20 - 9:40 pm 
David Botros

Perioperative Morbidity and Mortality in Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis Patients Undergoing Microsurgical Clipping of Intracranial Aneurysms.
David Botros, MD, Salt Lake City, UT

David Botros, Meghana Bhimreddy, Ryan Lee,Risheng Xu, Christopher Jackson, L. Fernando Gonzalez, Judy Huang,Rafael Tamargo, Justin Caplan
9:40 - 9:45 am Discussion
9:45 - 10:05 am 
Forrest Hamrick

Impact of Cage Type (PEEK vs. Titanium) on Subsidence and Clinical and Patient-Reported Outcomes after Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion.
Forrest Hamrick, MD, Salt Lake City, UT

Karol P. Budohoski, Robert C. Rennert, Steve A. Gordon, Amol Raheja, Cameron Brandon, Jeffrey C. Henson, Mohammed A. Azab, Neil S Patel, Michael Karsy, Richard Gurgel, Clough Shelton, William T. Couldwell
10:05 - 10:10 am  Discussion
10:10 - 10:30 am
Elena Kurudza

A Closer look at Blunt Cerebral Vascular Injury in the Geriatric Population.
Elena Kurudza, MD, Salt Lake City, UT

Elena Kurudza, David Botros, Ramesh Grandhi
10:30 - 10:35 am  Discussion
10:35 - 11:15 am 
Bob S. Carter

IPSC Derived Cell Therapy for Parkinson's Disease
Bob S. Carter, MD, PhD, Boston, MA

Bob Carter

11:15 - 11:20 am Discussion
11:20 am Adjourn




4:00 - 4:15 pm
Brandon Sherrod

Spinal Gunshot Wounds.
Brandon Sherrod, MD, Salt Lake City, UT

Brandon Sherrod, Jason Young, Christopher Wilkerson, Erica Bisson, Andrew Dailey, Marcus Mazur
4:15 - 4:20 pm  Discussion
4:20 - 4:35 pm 
Marcus Mazur MD

Spine Update: Identifying Re-alignment Goals.
Marcus D. Mazur, MD, Salt Lake City, UT

Marcus Mazur
4:35 - 4:40 pm  Discussion
4:40 - 4:55pm
Spencer Twitchell

Analysis of Risk Factors for Transfusion in Long Segment Spine Fusion.
Spencer Twitchell, MD, Salt Lake City, UT
Spencer Twitchell, MD; Jayson Nelson, BS; Matthew Findlay, BS; Brandon Sherrod, MD; Dave Dorsey, MD; Marcus Mazur, MD
4:55 - 5:00 pm  Discussion
5:00 - 5:15 pm
Anand I Rughani, MD

Decreasing Rate of Urinary Retention Following Spine Surgery: An RCT.
Anand Rughani, MD, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Anand Rughani
5:15 - 5:20 pm  Discussion
5:20 - 5:35 pm 
Robert Walker, MD, Boston, MA

External Ventricular Drain Placement Simulation for Neurosurgical Resident Education and Practice: A Prototype and Proof of Concept.
Robert Walker, MD, Boston, MA

Robert Walker
5:35 - 5:40 pm Discussion
5:40 - 5:55 pm 
Michael T. Walsh, MD

Development of a Multi-Hospital Regional Neurosurgery Program Over a Large Geographic Area: Pearls and Pitfalls.
Michael T. Walsh, MD, Lake Forest, IL

Michael T. Walsh
5:55 - 6:00 pm  Discussion
6:00 - 6:15 pm
Sarah Nguyen

Representation of Women at National Neurosurgery Conferences.
Sarah Nguyen, MD, Salt Lake City UT

Sarah Nguyen, Erica Bisson
6:15 - 6:20 pm  Discussion
6:20 - 6:35 pm 
Rose Caston, MD

Gender Disparities in Grants and Publications in Neurosurgery.
Rose Caston, MD, Salt Lake City, UT

Rose Caston, Shervin Rahimpour
6:35 - 6:40 pm  Discussion
6:40 pm Adjourn


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