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Research & Innovation

The Research Program is a vital component in the Department of Neurosurgery's mission. Our research efforts incorporate cutting-edge neuroscience and bioengineering approaches as well as robust clinical research environments that draw from the vibrant research community of the University of Utah. 

Our program is composed of over a dozen labs with research topics including tumor, stroke, deep brain stimulation, microsurgery, cellular mechanisms of epilepsy, mechanisms of neuromodulation devices, pediatrics, brain injury, aneurysm and regenerative medicine.

We focus primarily on these research areas:

  • Hypoxia-induced tumor progression
  • Genetic abnormalities causing pediatric brain tumors
  • Health Disparities
  • Brain tumor angiogenesis and biology
  • Rapid-stretch nerve injury 
  • Quality improvement in health care


Samuel Cheshier MD, PhD doing lab work