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New Faculty Highlight: Daniel Umansky, MD

Dr. Umansky is a peripheral nerve surgeon who joined the department earlier this year.

Dr. Umansky is a second-generation neurosurgeon who came to the practice after fighting the call the entire way. Growing up, he was exposed to neurosurgical practices and environments but wanted to branch out and experience something new. He studied biology and marine life, but as he began his clinical work, Dr. Umansky felt pulled in a new direction—despite the good he could do with marine life, he knew there was even more good to be done in medicine. The complexity of surgical fields had always interested him, but he continued to avoid neurosurgery until he could 

Dr. Daniel Umansky

no longer deny that he was being driven to the practice. 

Dr. Umansky’s interest in nerve–prosthetic interfaces and human-to-machine hookups led him to follow the work of neurosurgery and bioengineering faculty here at the U. As the only providers in the region doing peripheral nerve work, Dr. Umansky knew that joining the university would open up opportunities to explore these topics further. As Dr. Umansky has settled in, he’s felt a profound sense of gratitude for the incredible support he’s received—the level of interest and care shown by everyone here, not just the providers, is unparalleled.