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New Faculty Highlight: Rachna Malani, MD

Dr. Malani is a neuro-oncologist with a focus on gliomas, primary central nervous system lymphoma, and metastatic disease to the central nervous system.

Dr. Malani’s love for the brain and nervous system led her to pursue neuro-oncology. Her interest was sparked by the depth of knowledge yet to be understood and the continual innovation within the field. Key to her experience as a neuro-oncologist are the opportunities Dr. Malani has to interact with and come to intimately understand her patients during the process of their care. The breadth and variety of patients that she encounters, each with unique challenges (even 

Dr. Rachna Malani

when diagnoses are the same), gives her a sense of purpose as she encounters new and unexpected obstacles and provides care that makes her patients’ lives better.

Dr. Malani knew the U would open doors that would allow her to continue to explore and innovate, particularly in her secondary interest: patients with metastatic disease to the brain. Ultimately, Dr. Malani’s family being nearby was the deciding factor that brought her here. The U offered her the chance to be close to those she loves and pursue her passions in an incredible environment that allows her to continually grow and develop in her field.