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David Botros

David Botros, MD

  • About Me

    I was born in Asyut, Egypt and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana as a 9-year-old. I grew up in the Midwest and went to Indiana University for undergrad where I solidified my interest in neuroscience and medicine. I left the Midwest to attend medical school at Johns Hopkins. Inspired by personal anecdotes of friends/family with neurosurgical disease, I sought out mentors to help me on this amazing journey and become a neurosurgeon! Outside of the hospital, I am usually running, hiking, travelling, or looking for the newest restaurant in town

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Fascinated by all things neurosurgery but leaning toward oncology and spine.

    Interests & Hobbies

    The outdoors! Running, hiking, kayaking, travelling to new places, or reviewing a new restaurant on Yelp.

    Why Utah?

    Even through a virtual interview cycle, the residents’ camaraderie shined through, and I wanted to be a part of that community. The program’s wide coverage area and vast expertise across different subspecialties promised excellent training. On top of all of that, the unbeatable access to the outdoors in Salt Lake City makes Utah an outstanding choice for training.


    Carmel, IN; Asyut, Egypt