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OBST 7010 Overview

The Ob/Gyn service at the University Hospital and at the IMC/LDS Hospital is one of the busiest in both hospitals – our service has very high daily census, and admissions and discharges. Our patients vary from extremely ill mothers and fetuses and cancer patients to families of healthy women who want a peaceful and private birth experience. Because of the very personal nature of this specialty and the surgery and examinations, it is often difficult for students to find a comfortable place in the day-to-day practice of Ob/Gyn medicine. For the most part, a professional, kind, and interested student is welcome by our patients to participate in their care. The fundamental objective of this clerkship is to provide the student with practical experience, under supervision, in obstetric and gynecologic care of women.

Rotation Schedule

The OB/GYN Clerkship is a 6 week rotation and consists of the following areas:

  • 3 weeks of obstetrics
    • 2 weeks of days
    • 1 week of nights
  • 3 weeks of gynecology
    • 2 weeks of inpatient gynecology 
    • 1 week of outpatient gynecology

Additional options:

  • Participate in gyn oncology in place of inpatient gynecology
  • Participate in RUUTE
    • Tooele

Each student will complete all of these areas. On Thursdays the students will spend the morning on service, and the afternoon in didactics.

For additional information, please contact Natalie Moore, Clerkship Coordinator, at

Contact Information