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Across University of Utah Health

The ASCENT Center is multi-disciplinary and intensely collaborative. Current projects include joint efforts with members across the University of Utah including the:

  • Department of OB/GYN,
  • College of Nursing,
  • Department of Population Health Sciences,
  • College of Law,
  • Department of Sociology.

Community Health Organizations

We also partner with local community health organizations including Planned Parenthood, County Health Departments, Birthworkers of Color and Community Health Centers.

These existing collaborations create ample opportunities to blend different perspectives in the pursuit of answers to important questions in the field. This group has been extremely productive in engaging quantitative and qualitative techniques to address a wide variety of issues in Family Planning.

Nationwide Research Sites

In addition, we are actively involved with several other family planning research sites nationwide including our work through the NICHD Contraceptive Clinical Trials Network as well with efforts with the:

  • University of New Mexico,
  • University of Hawaii,
  • University of Wisconsin,
  • University of Michigan, and
  • University of California at San Francisco.

Contact Us

ASCENT Center for Reproductive Health

Sarah Elliott
Associate Director, Family Planning