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Brandon Kennedy, MD

Brandon Kennedy, MD

  • Medical Areas of Interest

    I am interested in decreasing sport-related eye injuries and preventable blindness internationally as well as advancing surgical techniques in ophthalmology and mentorship for underserved and first-generation students interested in medicine.

    Interests & Hobbies

    Basketball, snowboarding, exercise, yoga, camping, hiking, and traveling.

    Why Utah?

    I was initially interested in training at the Moran Eye Center after hearing Dr. Pettey speak about sustainability in international ophthalmology at a conference. I learned more about the program and its many perks; however, it was not until my interview day when I realized Moran was the place for me. The culture of the program, family feel, and cohesiveness was exactly what I was looking for. It is truly a work-hard-play-hard type of program with the perfect balance of autonomy and supervision. With access to the many outdoors here in Utah, going on a hike or snowboarding after clinic has become reality. I knew coming to Utah, I would receive world-class surgical training, be on the forefront of ophthalmic research, and have endless outreach opportunities. But most importantly, I knew I would truly be happy and supported.