Luke Mhyre with hospital team in Kijabe, Kenya

Luke Myhre, MD — Kenya

Luke's Personal Background

  • Grew up in Bundibugyo, Uganda and attended boarding school in Kenya.
  • Parents are both physicians who still work in East Africa (public health, family medicine/obstetrics and pediatrics/neonatology).
  • Worked at Kijabe Hospital when he was in college and completed a project on spinabifida incidence and on use of traditional medicines.

Trip Accomplishments

  • Observed orthopaedic care in a unique international setting in a private hospital with highly trained specialists who served a rural and poor population.
  • Laid groundwork for future data collection and research collaboration with residents.
  • Spent two days in the clinic and operating room seeing many patients with untreated chronic conditions such as osteomyelitis, arthritis, and dysplasia.
  • Attended meetings with the Medical Director, Chair of Orthopedics, Research nurse, Head of Medical Education and made connections with the orthopaedic faculty.

Rotation Challenges

  • Shortage of faculty mentors with international research experience and interest.
  • Paper charting in international hospitals, cultural differences in importance of records.
  • Dichotomy between practical desperation for resources, time, and energy to treat overflowing clinics and ORs, without added burden of “Research”.

Lessons Learned

  • Rules of engagement are different — finite resources necessitate difficult decisions 
    • E.g. Operations that NEED to happen, things that CAN be fixed, often are not. Kids lose limbs they wouldn’t if their parents made more money. People spend years in wheelchairs.)
  • Stakes are high — There is not much of a social safety net, those that are disabled stop being able to provide for their family. People drop out of school. Families bankrupt themselves to pay fees for care.

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