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Rhinology & Skull Base Lab (Alt Lab)

The Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery research program is a unique, truly translational bedside-bench-bedside program that is involved in improving treatment outcomes for his patients in rhinology and skull base surgery.

Jeremiah Alt, MD, PhD

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Deans Lab

The goal of the Deans laboratory is to understand the development of Planar Polarity, a unique aspect of biological structure manifest by the polarized organization of cellular components within the plane of an epithelium.

Michael Deans, PhD


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Park Lab

The Park Lab is a unique, truly translational bench to bedside program dedicated to treat cytomegalovirus (CMV). The clinical branch is focused on the role of valganciclovir for congenitally infected (cCMV) infants with isolated sensorineural hearing loss. We are conducting an NIH funded multi-institutional clinical trial to address this question (ValEAR CMV trial). Our laboratory is particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms underlying CMV induced hearing loss.

Albert Park, MD

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Voice, Airway, Swallowing, Translational (VAST) Research Lab

Dr. Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer is Director of the Voice, Airway, Swallowing Translational (VAST) Research Lab. This lab supports funded and unfunded projects addressing normal and abnormal voice, breathing and swallowing.

Dr. Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer


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