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John Oshea

John M. O'Shea, PhD

Academic Office Information

Dr. John O’Shea was born in Ireland. In 2004, he earned a BSc in Industrial Biochemistry from the University of Limerick. For his graduate studies, he moved to the University of Dundee, Scotland, to investigate transcription factor regulation by post-translational modifications, earning a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology in 2009. In 2010, he moved to Utah for a post doctoral fellowship at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, focusing on the interplay between metabolism and transcriptional regulation, and explored how dysregulation of these processes contributes to human disease. Since 2015, Dr. O’Shea has overseen the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, providing services to the University of Utah community. Here he developed an interest in using cell-free DNA as a diagnostic marker in both cancer and non-cancer applications. Outside of work, John likes to run on the trails directly adjacent to the University campus and throughout the Wasatch Mountains with his wife, Sarah, and dog Sophie.