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Four Corners Consortium - U of U School of Medicine

Dr. Colby Hansen is tremendously excited and honored to join the Four Corners Consortium, a youth concussion registry.  This registry is comprised of leading experts in the field of pediatric mild TBI at UCLA, U Washington, Children’s National Medical Center, and others in a unique prospective registry of children sustaining mild TBI.  This consortium will focus its unique collaborative expertise on the four corners of a child’s life: family, school, sports/recreation, health.   This consortium is the first of its kind in pediatric brain injury and will be uniquely positioned on the national scene to address problems that can only be adequately studied by creating strong partnerships across multiple institutions. 

For many years, the University of Utah Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has played an important role in the treatment of these children through our inpatient and outpatient operations at Primary Children’s Hospital and the University Orthopaedic Center Concussion Clinic, respectively.  Now we will have a unique opportunity to be a key player on the national stage to contribute to the clinical science of pediatric mild TBI.  By first better understanding the effects of these injuries on all aspects children’s health and well-being, and then devising innovative, powerful multi-site studies to learn the most effective treatments, we will improve the care we provide in our centers and to all children. 

Your support to join this consortium will improve the lives of all children impacted by brain injury and help children safely reach their full potential. 

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