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2022-2023 PM&R Grand Rounds

“Deep Phenotyping Low Back Pain Patients: The Biopsychosocial Model Meets Big Data”, presented By: Jeffrey Lotz, Ph.D - 9.06.2023

"The Role of Exercise and Nutrition on Neuroplasticity" , Presented by: Elizabeth York, DO 5.3.23

" Resistance Training for PM&R " Presented by: Justin Provo, MD 4.5.23

" Current Evidence for Interventional Treatment Options for Symptomatic Residual Limb Neuromas " Presented by: Shanalee Mountan, MD 3.1.23

"Human Dermatome & Myotome Maps: Historical Context For a Deeper Understanding" Presented by Nick Gavern, MD 2.1.23

"To Play or Not to Play: A Look at Concussion in Sport" Presented by Justin Foley, MD 1.4.23

"The Utility of Intradiscal Steriod Injections for the Treatment of Discovertebrogenic Low Pain Pain" Presented Daniel Carson, DO 12.7.22

"Food, Movement, Sleep and Connection: Incorporating the Foundations of Health Into the Prevention and Treatment of Disease" Presented by Amy Locke, MD 9.7.22

"Ultrasound as an Asymptomatic Screening Test for Tendinopathy" Presented by Dan Cushman, MD and "Subtypes of Concussion" Presented by Masa Teramoto, PhD 11.2.22

"What Can Rehab Learn from Critical Disability Studies? A Panel Discussion with Experts on Intersectionality, Labeling Identify, Curative Violence, and Desire" Present Kathryn Bond Stockton, PhD and Lezlie Frye, PhD 10.5.22

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