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Welcome to our PGY2 Residents - U of U School of Medicine

Daniel Carson, DO


Interests & Hobbies Spending time with my wife and 3 children, bike riding, golfing, weight lifting, playing guitar, camping, hiking and snowmobiling.

Why Utah? When I rotated here, there was an instant feeling of family and comradery among the residents and attendings. Each didactic session was incredibly well put together, useful and informative. The attendings were very approachable. There is a wide range of training facilities. Utah is a fantastic place to raise a family and be outside.

Hometown: Thornton, Colorado

Undergraduate: Utah Valley University

Medical School: Des Moines University

Justin Foley, MD


Interests & Hobbies: Cooking, sports, outdoor activities, playing with my dog, American History

Why Utah? The Univ of Utah has great training opportunities, I felt at home with the people I met and interacted with on interview day, and I am really excited for all of the nearby national parks and other outdoor activities! Salt Lake City seemed like an awesome place to live and train.

Hometown: Harrison, Ohio

Undergraduate: Dartmouth College

Medical School: Chicago Medical School

Nicholas Gavern, MD


Interests & Hobbies: Pretty much any form of activity (hiking, climbing, ice hockey, swimming, the list goes on). I also enjoy spending time with family as well as cooking/baking and trying new types of food and beer.

Why Utah? I chose Utah because of the incredibly supportive faculty and staff working to provide high quality training experiences across the full spectrum of PM&R. The residents were all incredibly welcoming and Salt Lake offers amazing access to a wide variety of outdoor and urban activities. Above all else everyone I met was warm, welcoming and created a training environment that I knew I wanted to be a part of.

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Undergraduate: Michigan State University

Medical School: Michigan State College of Human Medicine 

Shanalee Mountan, MD


Interests & Hobbies: Quality time with family & friends, Travel, Running, Hiking, Camping, Weight lifting, Yoga, Skiing (not well), Card games, Country music concerts

Why Utah? Utah has supportive residents that are genuinely happy, friendly faculty that are strong advocates for their residents and program, and a well-rounded program with strengths that align with my interests. The culture places high value on work-life balance, combined with endless outdoor and recreational opportunities close by. With the opening of the new rehabilitation hospital in 2020, I’m thrilled to be training in an area that respects and invests in rehabilitation.

Hometown: Great Falls, Montana

Undergraduate: University of Montana

Medical School: University of North Dakota SOM and Health Sciences

Justin Provo, MD


Interests & Hobbies: Tennis, volleyball, soccer, just about every other sport, camping, hiking, weightlifting, obstacle course racing, guitar, video games, board games, spending time with my wife and dog

Why Utah? It was one of the only programs that had everything I wanted. I loved working with the faculty and residents during my away rotation in medical school, and Utah PM&R was the most friendly, helpful, and down-to-earth physiatrists out of anywhere that I interviewed. There is excellent teaching in sports/msk and spinal cord, which are my two areas of interest. The city is a great place to raise a family and it has access to a million outdoor activities. There are only a few big cities in the whole country that back up right next to a mountain and the University of Utah Hospital is right in the foothills!

Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Undergraduate: New Mexico State University

Medical School: University of New Mexico SOM

Elizabeth York, DO


Interests & Hobbies: Traveling, tennis, hiking, attending concerts and music festivals, having board/card game nights

Why Utah? I chose the University of Utah for the people, the well-rounded curriculum and the supportive environment. U of U offers both great breadth and depth of exposures within the various sub-specialties of PM&R, and has incredibly strong inpatient and outpatient departments. On top of an outstanding education, I knew a fulfilling work-life balance would also be possible at this program due to it being in a beautiful geographic location that offers an abundance of cultural and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Hometown: Ozark, Missouri

Undergraduate: University of Missouri – Columbia

Medical School: Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences