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The dissertation is one of two styles:

  1. Three journal-ready academic manuscripts
  2. Traditional book style

The three manuscripts should be related and form a cohesive whole. Students will also work closely with their supervisory committee on the topic, 'relatedness,' and timing of paper submission. Manuscripts must be approved by the student's supervisory committee and submitted to an approved journal. Publication, though desirable, is not required. The text of the submitted manuscripts then form the central part of the student's dissertation.

Each dissertation must include an abstract, introduction, conclusion or discussion, references, and other required pages in the same manner as a traditional dissertation. Additional chapters to introduce and connect the individual manuscripts or fill the body of the dissertation are required as indicated by the dissertation work.

After the supervisory committee approves the dissertation, the student must submit the document to the University of Utah Graduate School Thesis Office, which has additional requirements and rules.