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Cost of Attendance - First Year Medical Student

Utah Resident Cost of Attendance

  Utah Resident Living with Parents Utah Resident Living on Campus Utah Resident Living Off Campus
Tuition & Fees $41,784 $41,784 $41,784
Room & Board $6,390 $11,250 $11,862
Books & Supplies** $4,080 $4,080 $4,080
Travel $1,460 $1,460 $1,460
Loan Fees $542 $542 $542
Miscellaneous $4,396 $4,396 $4,396
TOTAL $58,652 $63,512 $64,124

Out-of-State Resident Cost of Attendance

  Non-Resident Living with Parents Non-Resident Living on Campus Non-Resident Living Off Campus
Tuition & Fees $77,991 $77,991 $77,991
Room & Board $6,390 $11,250 $11,862
Books & Supplies $4,080 $4,080 $4,080
Travel $1,460 $1,460 $1,460
Loan Fees $542 $542 $542
Miscellaneous $4,396 $4,396 $4,396
TOTAL $94,859 $99,719 $100,331

**The budget includes the onetime $2,200 cost incurred for the purchase of a laptop computer.

The following basic criteria must be met to qualify for federal aid:

This Cost of Attendance Budget (COA) chart is for the nine-month 2019-2020 academic term. The “Total” figure at the bottom of each column is the maximum amount that a student in that status may qualify for in financial aid. A number of programs assist you in financing your medical education, including merit and need-based scholarships, federal, and institutional loans. Read more about tuition information.

A student may not receive more than that total amount in a combination of loans and/or scholarships. The amounts for the six categories of costs in the chart are established using federal guidelines that refer to a variety of sources in determining the COA for an average student.  



Main Campus Financial Aid Office
201 South 1460 East #106
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Phone: 801-581-6211

School of Medicine Finanical Aid
Wendy Clark
27 S. Mario Capecchi Dr., Room #130
Salt Lake City, UT 84113

Walk-In Appointments in the School of Medicine:
Due to COVID-19, the Financial Aid is working remotely and are not offering walk-in appointments at this time.