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Kimberly DeAtley

Kimberly DeAtley, MD

  • Medical Areas of Interest

    Addiction | Emergency Psychiatry | Consult/Liaison Psychiatry | Integrative Psychiatry

    Interests & Hobbies

    Anything I can do with friends - traveling, hiking, water sports, festivals, & breweries. More recent hobbies include spending time with my two dogs, listening to podcasts, and exploring SLC/UTAH.

    Why Utah?

    Out of all the programs I interviewed at, Utah stood out as the most well-rounded. Here you have diversity in training sites, a variety of clinical rotations, strong faculty mentors, and camaraderie among residents who are truly happy (and well-rested). Plus, Utah as a state is beautiful! Everything your outdoorsy heart desires is within close driving distance and recruiting people for a hike is never a challenge.


    Carrollton, TX