School of Medicine

General Psychiatry Residency

Personal Accomplishments

  • Zachary Schwartz- Olympic level napper and current M.A. candidate in Philosophy and Mental Health at University of Central Lancashire, Preston, U.K.
  • Christian Schmutz- illustrates medical cartoons (as featured on Doximity, Rubor, and UMA magazine) and has grown 2 avocado plants from seed
  • Harjit Kaur- co-creator and Podcaster of ‘Bundle of Hers’ podcast
  • Ben Reynolds- junior high art teacher for a few years (no children were harmed in the making of that mistake), private sector leadership experience including team lead and supervisor roles in various positions that would cause you to gracefully excuse yourself if he started talking about them at a cocktail party, started clinical experience as psych tech- now a resident physician his trajectory will soon be hospital CEO, and achieved rare combo of completing intern year of residency and celebrating 20 year wedding anniversary at the same time
  • Julie Nguyen- mom of the goodest pup and planner of the dopest resident retreat
  • Heidi Gross- taught high school and middle school Spanish from 2003-2013, participating in research investigatingthe benefit of valproic acid in the treatment of heterogeneous psychiatric outcomes of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury
  • Olga Lane- served as Senate Resiliency Co-Chair during, developed new resiliency curriculum for medical students, qualified four times for the National FFA Convention in four different areas of competition (dairy foods, agricultural research, farm business management, and food science), co-founded the Multi-Ethnic Student Association, studied and lived abroad in 3 different countries (other than the US), started her own sourdough starter and have kept it alive for five years, started a 100sq foot garden this year while on my off service rotations, adopted two adorable traumatized shelter dogs, managed her own sheep herd in rural Oregon for 12 years (no joke!)
  • Kyle Roller- first in immediate/extended family to attend college thanks to a combined basketball/baseball scholarship, worked for 6 years as a group home parent for conduct disorder boys aged 13-18, volunteered as a court appointed special advocate to help defend youth rights in both juvenile and family court, eloped to Vegas 20 years ago… still married, survived the Roller daughter nerf gun battle of 2018, almost normal human functioning, has volunteered hundreds of hours to provide health care to uninsured and immigrant populations in various capacities before and throughout medical school.
  • Rebecca Powell- known for her tremendous ability to stay upright on eight wheels via two inline skates and two wheels with a 750cc motor is impressive for how clumsy she is, has won multiple competitive West Coast Swing dance awards at the level of “advanced” including Seattle Easter Swing's famed "Good Egg" award (this is given out for being friendly and adorable… per her report
  • Julian Thorne- BJCP recognized Beer Judge, Park County Fair Best Overall Beer Honeymoon Hazard Whiskey Barrel Stout, and unanimous winner of "Best Dog Dad" determined by a committee of my dogs
  • Jackson Wong- winner of many Magic tournaments and maintains lifegoal of writing Kanye West biography
  • Amanda Williams- popcorn connoisseur and successful bicyclist rides while wearing a baby bjorn for her tiny 3lb dog
  • Christina Falk- figured out how to get a mortgage approved with significant student loan burden
  • Mary-Beth Geeze- Collegiate Division 1 diver, developed curriculum on professionalism as a course to give to first year medical students, making a beautiful giant son, and currently growing a pumpkin
  • Heiko De Riese- former army chemist who has maintained his passion, and one of the hardest working dudes a residency has seen
  • Kylee Tokita- knows more about the Dallas Cowboys than Troy Aikman and can crush anyone in golf
  • James Morris- father of four children and arguably over 30 residents
  • Tyler Durns- successfully ate a 14-day old hospital omelet, owner of adult-Healys that almost lead to TBI while on Night-Float, and has climbed some big rocks
  • Carlie Benson- has 21 indoor plants and trees, all of whom have names, voted best laugh 2 years in a row in high school, has been to Paris 8 times, voted coolest resident by her mom
  • James “Jimbo” McCoy- runner up for best jump roper in 3rd grade, participant in Geography Bee also during 3rd grade (3rd grade was a good year)… no other major achievements until college, presented the Kumquat and its antioxidant properties research at the American Association for Cancer Research in Chicago, 1st place for poster presentation of Kumquat research, helped establish and train Emergency Medical Services in Haiti immediately following the earthquake, author of Psychiatry and Neurology chapters in USMLE First Aid