School of Medicine

General Psychiatry Residency

pgy2-gross-dog.jpgWeek in the life of PGY-3, Heidi Gross, MD

SATURDAY / SUNDAY I spent the weekend climbing in City of Rocks with a good friend from Montana. We enjoyed slow, mellow mornings with huge breakfasts and coffee, climbed in the shade in the afternoons and evenings and relaxed by a fire at night.
MONDAY I wake up about 5:30am during the week when not on night float. Today I do so to get some psychiatry reading in before work. I’m at the VA this month on the inpatient psychiatry unit, which allows me to work with vets facing severe mental illness and addiction. I enjoy the patient population and love the team environment of the VA. After work, I take my dog up to Mill Creek for a trail run and do some meal prepping for the week.
TUESDAY My dog and I head out for a run on the Avenues Twin Peaks trails behind my house early in the morning before work. At the VA, we meet with the multidisciplinary team before rounding on our patients and completing notes for the day. In the evening, I head to the climbing gym for some training. I then complete a bit of psychiatry reading before bed.
WEDNESDAY I wake up early and get out for a run on the trails behind my house before it gets too hot. I then head to the climbing gym before didactics begin. Didactics today focus on our involvement in a quality improvement project during our second year of residency. After didactics, I meet with a friend in the EM residency for dinner and drinks on my patio.
THURSDAY I wake up early again to read prior to meeting with the multidisciplinary team at the VA. We then round on our patients and complete our notes for the day. After work, I take my dog up to Mill Creek for a run to Dog Lake. He loves wading in the water during the hot weather. Later that evening, I make dinner and pack for a climbing trip to Lander, WY this weekend.
FRIDAY I do a little psychiatry reading and finish last minute packing before work. At work, I meet with the multidisciplinary team, see my patients and make sure they’re set up well for the weekend. After work, I drive to Lander to meet a friend for a weekend of climbing at Wild Iris.