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Alexandra Villagran, MD

  • Medical Areas of Interest

    Child & Adolescent Psychiatry | Consult/Liaison Psychiatry | Psych-Oncology | Advocacy

    Interests & Hobbies

    Hiking, vegetarian cooking, watching The Bachelorette with my co-interns

    Why Utah?

    I chose to do triple board after discovering my interest in pediatric psycho-oncology and C/L psychiatry, and chose Utah primarily because of how excited the faculty seemed to support and develop these interests! I also loved that psychiatrists and psychologists work together on the child C/L team, was impressed by the strong pediatric advocacy curriculum, and most of all enjoyed talking with the people I met on interview day. Being here in person has confirmed that the supportive, welcoming environment I had sensed over Zoom was real, and I can’t wait to train alongside such a great group of people. Finally, after 8 years of school in Texas, being close to the mountains again was definitely a plus.


    Seattle, WA