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Joanna Tomaszewski

  • Why Utah?

    With an interest in biomedical science and engineering, I graduated from Northwestern University with a BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering. After 26 years of calling The Windy City home, I was ready for a change and made the decision to venture into the mountains of Salt Lake City for medical school. I chose the University of Utah Triple Board Residency program for a number of reasons. The first is for the the patient exposure; we see individuals from Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, yielding a catchment area of close to 400,000 square miles. During medical school, I learned an enormous amount from these diverse individuals and was eager to continue learning from them for the next 5 years. Second, the program felt like home- the directors and professors were welcoming and the residents immediately became family. Lastly, the work- life balance in Utah is unbeatable and after a long shift at the hospital, I knew I could always feel refreshed after a hike up Millcreek, a ski in Little Cottonwood, or a ride in Park City. Despite now being one of the only Polish inhabitants of Salt Lake City (compared to one of a million in Chicago), I have found an outstanding community of individuals here and am proud to call Utah home. In my free time, I enjoy traveling the world, skiing, backpacking, hiking with my dog Fitz Roy, sampling cheese plates, collecting orchids, and Face-timing my family and friends back home.


    Chicago, IL