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Jordan Koncinsky, MD

  • Why Utah?

    Growing up in the central mountains of Idaho and then living in Boise prior to moving to SLC, mountains and outdoor recreation were important to me. I describe myself as a small-town girl who tolerates cites so I was excited to come to the U for medical school. Given my master’s in breast cancer research, I thought I was going to go into adult Heme/Onc. However, psychiatry was my second rotation of third year, and I was lucky enough to complete 3 weeks working in child psychiatry and 3 weeks at our med/psych unit with severely mentally ill patients. I enjoyed it so much, I knew this was my calling. But then my next rotation was pediatrics. I enjoyed it so much, I knew this was my calling! Triple board was a perfect combination of both. However, deciding on triple board seemed like a big decision given the multiple transitions. I was lucky enough to be at an institution where I could talk with other triple board graduates. But it wasn’t until my rotation at UNI Home where I realized how Triple Board could be most beneficial for my career. This program is a medical home for children and adults with autism and developmental delays. It was the perfect combination of medically and psychiatrically complex patients! Working with this population holds a special place in my heart as my sister has developmental delays and I was excited to help families who experience similar triumphs and tribulations to my family. But I digress. Why Utah? The community is amazing! Everyone is supportive of a work-life balance. The people in the peds and psych programs are kind and excited to teach. While I felt this at other programs too, my main reason for staying is the outdoor community. I can work all day but still am able to hike, cross country ski or snowshoe with my dog after work. I continue to struggle with transitions between pediatrics and psychiatry, but I know this would be true of any program I would have attended. But the community of fellow residents and outdoor activities make these transitions not seem so bad. If I had to do it again, I would definitely choose Utah! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


    McCall, ID